Seems appropriate. After all, he does idolise Leonardo DiCaprio…

And like Leo, LipGloss ruled over the box office this weekend, proving he can open a film that isn’t a high school franchise, exceeding initial estimates, and coming in with 17 Again at $24 million. What’s even more encouraging for LipGloss though is that audience members were made up of both the teen squealers AND that coveted female 18-49 demographic.

Indeed my inbox was filled this weekend with messages from many of you, grown women grudgingly admitting to having seen it and being completely charmed by young Zac Efron.

This must be why he couldn’t be bothered to take his shades off courtside at the Laker game yesterday.

Bitch… please!

Check him out, with the expendable Vanessa Hudgens, triumphant and smug, trying to front like he’s the modern manly man engaging in a little PDA to send the fangirls into new levels of hormonal hysteria. Is he growing on you?

If you can get past the hair, can you get past the shades?

Also re: Vanessa Hudgens…she’s not long for his new world. When will he stops finding things for her to do?

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