Zac Efron arrived in Copenhagen with a girl the other day…and now everyone knows her name, job, and qualifications. Apparently it’s official. He and Sami Miro are totally boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s been at least a month. On September 22 they were at a Dodgers game together. PEOPLE reports they also doubled with Dylan Penn and her boyfriend a week before that.

PEOPLE points out that Miro has a LinkedIn profile which, I presume, is how we know what she does: “business development for a digital content and media company”. I love job descriptions that tell you nothing about the actual job. Reminds me of Britney Spears’s last boyfriend David Lucado. It is remarkable to me however, seeing that Sami Miro is not famous, how her name was leaked in the first place.

But we are not supposed to worry about these details. He only wants your attention to let you know who he’s dating and that she speaks French and did gymnastics (flexible) and not who he’s not dating and what he does with who he is and isn’t dating. OK.