Someone asked the other day during the liveblog about Zac Efron. Where is he? Why hasn’t he been seen/photographed?

He worships Leo D, remember? And Leo D told him to keep his profile lower. And he has.

Zac has also, however, been shooting a new movie in New Orleans. It’s called The Lucky One about a soldier in Iraq who finds a photograph of a girl and no one claims it so he keeps it and it keeps him lucky so he endeavours to find the girl and when he goes home he meets a woman who has a kid, and ...

I’m sorry.

I want to kill myself.

It’s Nicholas Sparks. He’s exhausting. And so the same. And they’re trying to make LipGloss a hybrid of Ryan Gosling/Noah Calhoun from The Notebook and Channing Tatum/John Whatever in Dear John. Lippy and his big boy tat!

I suppose it’s an attempt to man him up, put him in army fatigues, front like he can kill a man with his bare hands or something like that. Is that working for you?

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