Check out Zac Efron last night at the LA premiere of Neighbours with co-star and possible (fake) girlfriend Halston Sage who is supposed to make us forget about the time he broke his face on a puddle of water at his house and ended up under a sketchy bridge. But that name. Give me a break with that name.

You remember when I used to call him Lipgloss? I think maybe we need to go back to that. There’s a certain …clammy sheen to his face now, non? A jaw-clenchy clammy sheen that usually accompanies a powdery good time.

There were rumours last year, like MONTHS ago, that Zac’s name was on a list of possible actors asked by JJ Abrams to audition for a role in the new Star Wars. Ryan Gosling was also mentioned. And his rep very quickly denied the report. Click here for a refresher.



He wishes. Badly.

So when asked about it during the Neighbours junket, he kept playing that, desperately:

“I don’t know. I have no idea on that. I don’t know. There’s irons in the fire, so to speak. I don’t like to talk about anything too early because you know, it takes a while to get these things done right and who knows.”

And that’s how you know it’s bullsh-t. Because if there was any chance, he’d have denied it right away instead of leaving all that room like I don’t want to say, bashful bashful, I shouldn’t say, who knows, question mark, please, please, I really, really want to, please, please.

As IF.

I mean, if they’re considering Zac Efron, that project is balls deep in trouble.