As noted yesterday, Zac Efron is back in Vancouver for reshoots on Charlie St Cloud. He was photographed at sailing practice yesterday and his pants were falling off. There may have been a little posing happening too. They’re actors, they ALL work on the stand and the lean and the shoulder dip. Trust.

Have heard recently from sources on the set of Charlie St Cloud who worked on the film last summer that Zac was very well liked. He was prepared and low key, no crazy ass diva demands, no celebrity posturing. Unlike a starlet recently who halted production on a project for 3 hours because wardrobe brought her a rack of clothes to try on in the wrong size. It was an innocent mistake, it was a size up, and she lost her sh-t because 1. she thought the costume designer was trying to f-ck with her about weight gain and 2. she’s been paranoid about weight gain her whole life. Gradually her assistant had to coax her back to work and the bosses arranged for her to keep the clothes, the ones that fit. It’s not Jennifer Aniston.

Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images