His “dude” friends.

Have you ever seen LipGloss hanging out with guys?

I can’t recall.

And that’s a red flag.

It also says a lot about child stardom. They isolate them. They grow up surrounded by adults. They grow up without a normal peer environment from which lasting relationships are built.

This then is why he’s so weird. Why he’s contrived that fake fist pump that he’s been practising with his imaginary friends in his bedroom for years.

Zac Efron has no guy friends. He totally doesn’t.

Here he is heading to the Laker game last night with two agents wearing the agent uniform. Kinda sad and really, really lame.

What kind of a dude has no dudes to take to the Laker game?

Well, the kind of dude who wants to make sure you’re getting a great shot. I love these shots. Check Lippy puffing out his chest. And cocking his neck just so to give the paps the best angle. And whatever it is placed strategically all poseur styles in his back pocket. And, of course, the Fist Pump. The courtside Fist Pump. Like he knows about a basic pick and roll. Please. (Aside: how about Lamar Odom last night?)

Oh wait. Zac Efron MUST play basketball for reals because he does it in the movies! Whatever. Can Zac Efron do anything without a camera?

No but seriously – does Zac Efron have friends?

Photos from Zodiac/Fapian/Splashnewsonline.com