Last week I reported exclusively that LipGloss is all pissy pants about being pushed aside on the fame front by sparkly vampires and dazzling Edward Cullen. Click here for the article.

Zac Efron has been overseas promoting High School Musical for weeks and in that short time, it’s official, he has totally been replaced.

It’s now all about Robert Pattinson.

How fickle Hollywood.

And better still…

Zac was reminded of it immediately upon arriving home!

Check out this video on TMZ. LipGloss at the airport being told by the paps that there’s only a couple of them there, as opposed to the usual heavy throng, and then later on someone asking in the background “is that the guy from Harry Potter?”

Do you love it, or do you LOVE it?

LipGloss, of course, will retaliate soon. He’ll head to the gym, put on his headband, call the photo agencies, and make sure the girlyfans get a few good shots of him pumping up his biceps. Trust.

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