They made a big deal over Robert Pattinson’s hair during Twilight promo. Zac Efron was so jealous. Now he appears to be growing his and was seen flinging it around yesterday leaving his house.

Oh Lippy, you so pretty.

Very pretty in Elle Magazine this month promoting 17 Again. He plays the 17 year old version of Matthew Perry and shenanigans ensue. Something like that.

The interview is pure gush. The writer is horny as f-ck. As you would expect, the article is pure eye-rolling dumbassness.

Of course LipGloss manages to include his man-crush Leonardo DiCaprio into the conversation. About how they met:
Hearing DiCaprio was going to be honored as one of GQ’s Men of the Year, Efron showed up at the party. “He was the only reason I went,” he admits. “I thought maybe I’d get to shake his hand. No one had seen Leo, and I was walking out and he walked right by. I was all, ‘Oh, hey!’ And he turned around and right there I had the ‘in,’ and I was like, ‘I just want to shake your hand, dude, I’m a big fan…. I’d love to sit down and talk with you sometime.’ And he goes, ‘Right on.’ A few nights later, I was at a Lakers game and I texted him, and he said he was coming. And this guy in a ball cap and coat with the collar up sits next to me. We talked the whole game, and he was just everything I thought he would be: smart, levelheaded, charming, hilarious. You know, the older-brother vibe.” Efron shakes his head. “That sounds so cheesy.”

Remember how he was practically levitating in the photos from that game?

So as you know, Zac is trying to model his career after Leo. Ironically enough, Zac was directed by Kenny Ortega in High School Musical who almost directed Leo… but Leo made a smarter choice:
“I met Leo at the beginning of his dramatic transition,” says Kenny Ortega, the director of the High School trilogy. “Leo read for me for Hocus Pocus [with Bette Midler]. Everybody in town wanted him and he chose What’s Eating Gilbert Grape—good choice! It was very familiar, meeting with Zac. The well runs deeps with him.”


How is it familiar when Leo said no to your movie but Zac said yes?

This is exactly why Lippy will not succeed Leo. Lippy chose to be a singing dancing teen beat noodle. Leo chose acting.

Oh, and then there’s this:
The waitress approaches to clear the table. From the flush of her cheeks, she’s clearly a member of the Zac Pack. “By the way,” Efron says, about to make her day, “you have the most gorgeous eyes. Awesome.” He is being completely sincere.


The kind of boy your mother would feed cookies to and fuss over…


Is this what women want? Don’t lie. I know you’re out there. I have heard from you on occasion! And he knows you want him too, which is why he’s going out of his way to assure you that he has sex. A lot of sex.

When asked about being photographed at a sex shoppe:
Oh, man,” Efron says, laughing, sinking into his chair, covering his face. “It was Halloween Eve, like, two years ago! It was just a costume store, and in the back they have an adult section for adult costumes. And this nice older woman asked for a photo.” Against a backdrop of phalluses and boxes labeled party sheep.

“My mom is like, ‘Zac, what did you buy in a sex shop?’ I was like, ‘Mom, calm down, it’s not a sex shop.’ She wouldn’t have any of it. She’s like”—he mimics his mother’s worried tone—“ ‘I knew you were being sexual!’ But she understood. My stocking was full of condoms this Christmas. She buys me the economy box.”


You don’t need a condom to make love to yourself. It’s his own reflection that turns him on the most. That and Leo DiCaprio.

Real LipGloss’s full Elle article here.

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