High School who?


It made a lot of money but the hype has been replaced. By Twilight. Twilight mall tours have resulted in fandemonium-related injuries, fangirls are losing their sh-t, fanmoms are leaving their children for hours for a glimpse at Robert Pattinson… and I’ve heard exclusively that Zac Efron is jealous.

Word is, LipGloss is upset that HSM3 has been overshadowed. He’s also supposedly super jealous that Robert Pattinson is getting so much play, apparently annoyed that even though Robert’s starmaking turn rides on a tween vehicle, many industry insiders are not discounting his potential in other more serious, more respectable roles.

In fact, most seem to agree that Rob can rise above the Edward curse while Zac’s ability to make the leap is decidedly less certain. So rumour has it, he’s been in a snit for days, especially when he goes online and is confronted by Twilight hysteria everywhere.

Zac, you see, believes he’s the heir to Leonardo DiCaprio, and has alluded to as much in interviews.

Sit DOWN LipGloss!

As you can imagine, Zac is now itching to get to home. Line up a few strategic photo ops perhaps, get that hair straightened and parted just so, rally up his own adolescent army and ready for a good fight.


Vampires > LipGloss.


Attached - Zac and his high schoolers in Australia. Rob at a Twilight presser.

Can't WAIT for hate mail about this one...

Photos from Flynetonline.com