You remember when I used to call Zac Efron LipGloss? He used to be so mega manicured it was like looking at an anime character. Here. Like this:

Zac’s been working hard to get away from that. For the hetero male audience. Because, presumably, he has the women. It’s the men he needs to convince. Especially in a movie like That Awkward Moment when you have to believe that he’s a Bro, you know. A bro who bros down but can get down when it matters with the ladies too.

The trailer for That Awkward Moment was released yesterday. The title is stupid, yes. Titles that come from the internet often are. As for what’s actually in the preview…

Well, a lot of dick jokes.

A big fake dick joke.

Zac’s deep man voice and man delivery which sounds slightly less awkward than Justin Timberlake’s acting.

Several clichés.

And Michael B Jordan and Miles Teller in supporting roles who are so much more appealing and deserve better than this, goddammit.