He’s been in Vancouver for a few weeks working on Charlie St Cloud, keeping a very low profile, head down, working hard, trying to avoid exposure as much as he can, not unlike his hero Leonardo DiCaprio – discretion and mystery, Leo said. And so LipGloss follows.

But while Leo made the decision to ignore the teens at the height of his fame post-Titanic, that decision is much harder for Zac Efron though he’s been slowly plotting his exit, he is still tethered to the Disney rope for now.

So here he is on Saturday leaving Vancouver heading to LA for the Teen Choice Awards tonight (airing Monday) and braced for a reunion, no doubt, with that Vanessa Hudgens.

The last time he was at an awards show, Lippy was upstaged by Bruno’s ass in Eminem’s face. He pouted about that all night. Imagine then if he goes home emptyhanded…? Losing in every category to his nemesis Robert Pattinson and Twilight?


Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images