LipGloss goes head to head against JailBait this weekend at the box office. He’s been everywhere, working very very hard on promotion, and last night he showed up on Kimmel.

Pretty boring interview, except for the part where he namedrops Angelina Jolie. Zac has met her a few times, apparently she knows who he is. This means he’s important. Or something. If you can’t stand to watch the whole thing, start at the 5:45 mark.

Here’s Lippy outside the theatre upon arrival. Vanessa Hudgens apparently came with him. That was her assignment for the day.

Before the hockey game the other night, my husband and I, we went for fast food ramen. SO good. Super no frills joint, the kind of place where you sit along a counter facing the window slurping your noodles with disposal chopsticks. His hair was looking extraordinary that evening. This does not happen very often because most of the time he doesn’t give a sh-t. It’s a treat when my husband tries to look attractive. I told him I appreciated his efforts. That it was a refreshing change to be reminded that he’s actually not a bad looking person when he bothers to shower and tame his Polish afro. When he styles it, he really does have great hair. Zac Efron would be jealous of his hair. I mentioned this to him.

His response was very specific:

Zac Efron is losing his hair. He’ll be completely receded by age 26, that’s my prediction. I don’t understand why chicks these days are into dudes who can’t support their own body weight on their legs. His legs look like they were shoved in a blender.

Winning over ladies is easy. Winning over men is another story altogether.

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