This post should really write itself. Just look at the photos. You don’t need me to point the funny out to you.

Let me just throw you the facts then:

It’s Fashion Week in New York. This is the Calvin Klein show. This was apparently the best front row they could manage: Joe Jonas, Zac Efron, and Kellan Lutz. Big love to Jack Huston because of Boardwalk Empire, obviously, so we’ll exclude him from these giggles and focus instead on the chest puffing that’s happening between the other three.

When the chests needed a break, they also practised their sexy eyebrow raises and debonair smirks, like that’s all it takes to be Don Draper.

Unfortunately for Zac, he has the most to lose here. We already know that Joe Jonas and Kellan Lutz are cheesedicks. Sandwiched between the two like this, Efron gets cheesy by comparison. Let’s face it – he’s on another level. He can still read for leading roles. But he may not have too many more chances left. It’s a major tactical error for someone in his position. And if I’m his publicist, if he has a good one that is, I am beside myself with frustration today since these pictures have now been circulated everywhere. This is not the company he should be keeping.

Photos from Henry S. Dziekan III/