It’s LipGloss and his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens arriving at LAX today after a promotional appearance in Japan earlier this week. As you can see, in his own way, LipGloss is just as put together after a long flight as Victoria Beckham. Toque is sitting on his head just so, with a few stray hairs strategically arranged around his forehead, and his arms… his buff but not too buff arms showcased in a flattering t-shirt.

He’s prettier than she is!

As you know, Zac Efron is trying to become a leading man. To that end, he needs to recruit a fan base that’s been menstruating for longer than 3 months. The biceps are supposed to lure you. Are you lured? 

On the romance front… 

As unbelievable as this sounds, have heard from multiple sources in Toronto that he actually has a booty call stashed here, a girl – yes a GIRL – he met during Hairspray and that he allegedly went back to for a quick f-ck when he came for TIFF in September?

Say what? 

They insist LipGloss is not gay or glossy. And that he’s often not faithful to Vanessa. Gossip. Buffet. Your choice.

Oh and my journalist colleagues insist, like til they’re blue in the face, that there is not only no gaydar but that in person, he’s actually kinda charming sexy. These are the same people charmed by Tom Cruise during his whirlwind Valkyrie sweep. 

You can see then why I’m skeptical. 

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