11:45 PM Eastern Friday - Zac Efron

"I met Zac last night outside of Ki...he was dining with what looked like a manager and two other people. My friends and I didn't recognize him at first but it was him...he looks more human in real life haha. So I ran after him with my camera as they waited for a car/taxi to pick them up. I approached him and asked him to take a pic and he was really nice and said "yeah sure", then his manager/friend said "make sure this pic does not go online" who was he kidding. Anywho, we took a pic and I asked him how he liked Toronto and he said he loves it here as he had stayed here before during the filming of Hairspray. Overall, he was a sweetheart and he does have a million dollar smile...oh yeah this all happened around 11:45pm."

Submitted by Ruby H.