I’m gloating. Click away if you must.

So LipGloss is out of his mind jealous about being usurped by Robert Pattinson. As such, as I reported exclusively here and here, LipGloss has been scheming to win back a share of the spotlight and, more importantly, serious consideration for future roles, because going forward the two will undoubtedly be vying for some of the same parts…and if I’m a studio executive, looking at Rob’s current popularity, particularly beyond the Disney fanbase, I’m thinking Rob’s a much better bet.

Wouldn’t you know, on Friday night, the same day Twilight hit theatres, LipGloss managed to arrange the best seat in the house at the Laker game, right next to his mentor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Coincidence or conspiracy?


Look at him.

Little LipGloss is positively giddy! To be allowed to tag along on a boys’ night out and oh mommy! Adam Levine talked over me, and David Arquette came over too! Squee!!!

As you can see from his face, it was literally the best night of LipGloss’s life. An audience with Leo! And even though he was probably not invited to roll with Leo’s crew later on, Zac Efron still went home and hugged his pillow, looping back every moment in his head, everything Leo said to him, calling up his beard Vanessa Hudgens to replay and role play the entire night all over again, giggling on the phone together until he fell into a blissful sleep, dreaming of new straightening irons and sweet smelling hairgel.

Meanwhile, Twilight killed it at the box office, earning almost $80 million dollars and opening the door to the sequel.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com