By his own girlfriend!

Zac Efron took Vanessa Hudgens were courtside at the Laker game last night and even though his hero Leonardo DiCaprio was there too poor LipGloss was obliged to stay close to his alleged love interest. He looked much more excited last time, non? As if Leo would have invited him on a second date anyway. Not when Jeffrey Katzenberg is in the house. It’s never not about business…

Speaking of business, LipGloss has found himself recently in a rather precarious position. Just 3 months ago he was considered Hollywood’s “next”, always at the top of the list. And now, all of a sudden, every casting rumour, from Batman to Pirates of the Caribbean, involves not him but Robert Pattinson. Like Zac Efron is barely an afterthought.

Seems the tween loins are fickle. And right now they would rather quiver for a vampire. Add to that the fact that the moms have gone batsh-t over Twilight too and you begin to understand, Zac is losing out to Rob across SEVERAL demographics.

This presents quite the strategic conundrum…

For now, they’ll settle with the girlfriend sightings. Going forward though, sticking with his high school sweetheart simply won’t do. Vanessa is about to get the door. Trust.

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