He’s skipping around his room squealing!

They had originally wanted Robert Pattinson to present at the Globes. But Robert Pattinson is trying to escape the screaming, needing some refuge perhaps from Twilight losers. And so in his stead, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association went for their second choice…

LipGloss Zac Efron will be presenting at the Globes on Sunday.

This on the heels of the news that Rob had to pull out of his first non-Twilight feature since finding fame due to the oppressive Twilight stranglehold over his schedule meaning he’ll have to wear the albatross of Edward Cullen for the foreseeable future…and it’s turning into a great week for Lippy.

Lippy is gunning for the opportunities that Rob can’t have.

Will Twilight be a curse on his young career?

Sucky for some, fortuitous for others. And Zac isn’t eating til Monday morning.

Other presenters confirmed include Sandra Bullock (yay!), Gerard Butler (napkin please!), Pierce Brosnan (please don’t sing) and Sean Combs (ugh.Why?)

Critics’ Choice Awards are tonight. Red carpets everywhere…

File photos from Wenn.com