Vanessa Hudgens is off in Montreal filming a movie. And since LipGloss BlenderLegs Moist Face Zac Efron has no friends, he had to put in some man time at the Laker game last night.

It’s actually rather endearing, seeing his face light up when the big boys pay attention to him. Reminds me of David Silver from the original 90210. How happy he was when Kelly & Co validated his existence by allowing him to talk to them…

Courtside Zac has that same look about him, especially since his idol Leonardo DiCaprio was there and decided to give the kid a Sunday blessing. Zac was so excited he had to call V and tell her. The difference though, and there are many, is that Leo always goes to the game with his boys. Leo actually has his own crew. He chatted up Simon Baker last night too.

Zac Efron has no crew. He only has a cheerleader. She’s also his girlfriend.

Must have been a bad hair day though. He had his mop tucked under a hat. And STILL kept fidgeting with it the entire time. Just another in that long list of attributes that make Zac Efron totally unsexy.

I don’t get it. Explain it to me. Because you are out there. I know you are out there. And I know you are older than 16. Tell me what it is. I will try my best to understand. After all, I admitted to Eminem, didn’t I?

Photos from Noel Vasquez/