Last Friday I showed up at the theatre for the Straight Outta Compton matinee. There were 13 year old girls lined up, in folding chairs, waiting. For what? Eazy-E?

Turns out Zac Efron was showing up for the Toronto premiere later that night. So I’m curious about his movie, We Are Your Friends, and how it will do. Zac Efron has been pushing hard the last couple of weeks – like not Tom Cruise pushing but there’s definitely been some aggressive effort. He’s carrying this one. It’s the end of August. And sometimes, in August, a movie comes along that becomes Dirty Dancing. In 1987, right before the start of school, repeat-viewings of Dirty Dancing was all we did every day. I was 13 in 1987. And I’m not saying my demo made Dirty Dancing a smash hit, I’m just saying we helped.

That said, Dirty Dancing was a PG movie. And We Are Your Friends is rated R. Is that still observed? How strictly is it enforced? Because I have no idea. If I’m 13, can I get into an R movie without an adult? Wait. Is that what’s happening? Is the 13 year old girl going to the Zac Efron movie WITH HER MOM??? And will it make a difference or has NWA taken all the money?