Zac Efron has been out there flexing his muscles on the press circuit this week promoting Neighbours 2. He was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he was on with Seth Meyers, and he was also interviewed by ELLE. As you know, I’m not a believer in Zac Efron. The blatant “bro appeal” he’s been working the last few years has been an eye-roll for me. And he’s all about that “bro appeal” with ELLE too, tell the magazine about the time a big dude stopped him and wanted to bro-shake his hand because he was such a f-cking bro in Neighbours.

Sure, Zac. But can you carry a movie? Because the last two movies he was in without Seth Rogen were giant dumps at the box office.

But you can’t kill that dream. What dream? The dream of being Leonardo DiCaprio. I’ve been writing about this for years. That Zac has long said he’s aspired to Leo’s kind of career. Look how happy he was a few years ago when he got to sit next to Leo at a basketball game!

This one’s my favourite. At that point he was laughing at anything that came out of Leo’s mouth:

So… remember when Leo was promoting The Struggle for his Oscar and he kept talking about how many times he almost died? One of those times involved a shark. Apparently he went diving in South Africa and a shark lunged at the cage. Curiously, in this ELLE interview, Zac too had a moment with a shark:

“I was in Hawaii recently, and I went shark diving with some researchers. I came face to face with a shark. I could either turn and try to beat the shark to the boat, or I could look it in the eyes and let it know I'm present and I'm not afraid. It went right past me, and I put my hand out and I actually rode the shark for 10 or 15 seconds.

After that it came back and it swam under my legs and I just kind of touched it from the nose all the way to the tail. The researchers said that's a sign of respect. It goes back to that Bruce Lee quote, "Be like water…If you pour water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put it into a teapot, it becomes the teapot."

Point of the story: Zac Efron is so “bro” he’s taken it to the next level. He’s not just “bro cool”, he’s f-cking shark-approved.