Do you remember that episode? If you don’t remember that episode, that’s your weekend homework. Because you obviously haven’t memorised Friday Night Lights.

I sat on this for a couple of days because, well, at first I felt maybe bad since he’s not a famewhore or anything but, you know, since his wedding photographer posted these online, why not? And besides, a wedding is the perfect way to start your summer weekend. We don’t have very many left.

Zach Gilford married Kiele Sanchez a few months ago. Click here to see more pictures. For now, let’s pretend that this is Matt Saracen tearing up when he sees Julie Taylor walking down the aisle to the musical stylings of Lance, the lead singer of Crucifictorius. Later on, Lance hits the dance floor with a green tambourine. How f-cking cute is that? (My hand is up in your face if you’re about to know-it-all me on the name “Lance”.)

Basically these are the photos that follow this scene, OK? Click here.