There is so much beauty in these photos; when everything else is ugly, look at these photos. No two men have looked better side by side in turtlenecks than Zachary Quinto and Miles McMillan last night in New York. Like, if you are a romance novelist looking for M-M inspiration, here, what else do you need? Write a story featuring two men who look like this and let me know when it’s ready. I’ll start reading the moment you publish.

I wonder how much pain the two of them cause in person. I interviewed Zachary twice at TIFF. Up close his face, it’s so elegant, and the voice, it’s a warm vibration, like if good scotch had a sound, it would sound like Zachary Quinto. And yes, he’s nice, thoughtful with his answers, not too precious to have a good time, I wasn’t at all disappointed. But I swear, if he and Miles had walked that carpet together, I probably would have passed out.