Some of you have emailed in the last few months asking about Zain. Where did he go? Zain Meghji and I used to work together as reporters at etalk. I’m still there, Zain has moved on. Zain is now the host of How To Look Good Naked Canada premiering tonight on W Network.

Zain is my friend so yeah, I’m pimping his ass. Because that’s what friends do. But I’m also pimping his ass because Zain’s role is important, and his show is important. And this is a Canadian star system that we need to support.

Zain has a 4 minute gift. No bitches, not in a bad way. He was our junket specialist. Almost every weekend, on the road, on the film circuit, charged with establishing a rapport with an actor in just 4 minutes in a strange room surrounded by cameras and publicists and delivering back to our show something unique and engaging. He was almost always successful. Will Smith is his favourite interview. It’s a testament both to Will and to Zain that he remembered him. Because most of them don’t remember sh-t. They’ve been through the circuit so many times, and they walk through it almost half asleep, and you introduce yourself to them every single time, except with Will and Zain, it was never starting over. Will knew Zain and gave him his best. And it’s this 4 minute gift that Zain is now bringing to the Canadian version of How To Look Good Naked. Not the time frame obviously but the ability to connect with people, with women, encouraging them to love their bodies with confidence and pride, regardless of their shape.

Based on the hugely successful British version hosted by Gok Wan, How To Look Good Naked Canada will help Canadian women of all sizes discover a whole new appreciation for the way they look NOW. Not after dieting, not after surgery, not after lipo, but as they appear today. And this for me is the selling point: reasonable enhancements as opposed to major overhauling. Explained Zain:

It’s all so superficial – the clothes, the makeup, but how do you change the psyche? The red carpet is the most accessible runway in the world. But that’s never been my FORTE. My strength is connecting with people. And allowing you to answer your own question. I have all the questions, you have all the answers. 20 years ago, that’s what you looked like, but now what. So what? Now what. If feeling good about myself is the answer, I don’t NEED to lose weight. It sounds cliché etc but it’s fundamentally true. We spend more time on the WOMAN’s STORY. It’s so much more resonant when you understand why it’s important.

And Zain’s there to help. In the same way Jessica Simpson needs friends. Zain should replace Ken Paves. I’m telling you.

I’ve screened the first episode of Naked. The subject – Jillian – is adorable. And her transformation is hilarious. At one point, they loosen her up so much she’s totally happy sitting around completely unclothed, nonchalantly covering her breasts with her fingers, lounging back with Zain in a day bed.

As for Zain, well, it seems appropriate that since his idol is Oprah –obviously we disagree on this – he appears to have taken her lighting kit for his own purposes. My boy looks GOOD. Let me borrow that sh-t some time. Please note also that this is not a body double. I have seen the original. There is no Demi Moore retouching here. Zain decided that since the ladies were going naked, he’s going naked too. See that’s why he has balls and I don’t.

And now Zain’s fronting his own show, being introduced to a new audience that hasn’t yet had the pleasure. Watch tonight…if for no other reason than his trench coat. Seriously. This is how Jacek needs to dress.

PS. I don’t know why I have Kirsten Dunst teeth in this photo but it’s a really, really great shot of my wonk eye, see?