Zara Phillips is engaged to Mike Tindall. Tindall is a former rugby player. They’ve been together for years. She of course is the daughter of Princess Anne. She’s the oldest granddaughter of the Queen. She’s an equestrian. She however is not a Princess. Anne decided she did not want her children to have royal titles. This means she doesn’t get paid by the Civil List (government) and has to make her own money.

Badass, right? When she was younger she’d have blazing rows with her old boyfriend out in public. These days though, Zara’s life is much less dramatic. She’s hoping to make the 2012 Olympic team. A selection of Zara Phillips photos are attached.

The wedding is supposed to be sometime next year. But Zara and Mike will no doubt respectfully steer clear of William and Kate’s spotlight. At least that’s the expectation.

But while Zara could have been a princess and declined, this is the title that Prince William has apparently requested for Kate Middleton. Since William reportedly isn’t interested in being a Duke, Kate can’t be called a Duchess. Which means they’d have to walk around calling her Princess William of Wales. So William has asked the Queen to consider an exception for his wife so that we can call her Princess Catherine. He doesn’t want to wait for his dad to become King – which could be years yet – when he becomes Prince of Wales and Kate therefore Princess of Wales.

Needless to say, if the Queen agrees, it’ll be a major precedent. And there are some purists who insist she should not allow it. “Princesses are born, not made.”

Word is though the Sovereign can be quite indulgent where her grandkids are concerned. And, while hilarious, I suppose it’s rather unbecoming shouting Princess William at Kate Middleton whenever she walks into a church or something.

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