It’s not a royal wedding, technically, right? Because Zara Phillips does not hold a royal title? Princess Anne specifically chose not to burden her children with one. But she is the Queen’s eldest granddaughter. So even though it’s not officially a royal wedding, there will be royals, many of them, in attendance. And even though it’s not officially a royal wedding, the bride will not sob at the altar, nor will she try to escape and have her passport confiscated.

Don’t they look happy? Really, genuinely happy? Seen here, today, at the wedding rehearsal? (Lorella, please. I can hear you.) There’s Princess Anne and that unmistakable hair. How do the seating arrangements work at one of these affairs? Where does Anne sit in relation to the Queen? Anne’s the mother of the bride. But the Queen, well, she’s the Queen. And I suspect, without the pressure of having to deliver a worldwide event, that the Queen might even have more fun on Sunday than she did on Friday, April 29th. Not that she doesn’t care as much, or love them equally, but Zara’s wedding seems a lot more relaxed and less intense than what Will and Kate put together and obviously. He’s to be King one day. I get it. But that doesn’t make it any less true. It’s gon’ be a party this weekend in Scotland! Hot Harry on a horse loves a good party.

Photos from Chris Jackson/Jeff J Mitchell/Christopher Furlong/