Last week I wrote in Smutty Tingles that I think I’ve officially stopped caring about Harry Styles. It’s more like, even though they won all those American Music Awards, because the show wanted to make sure their crazy fans were watching, One Direction is… fading. Doesn’t Harry look bored? To me he looks bored. If he’s bored, how can I not be bored?

You know who isn’t boring me though?

Zayn Malik. And that’s not what I would have predicted at all when he quit the band. But Zayn is hooking up with the model of the year. 2015 has been the rise of Gigi Hadid. And now Gigi and Zayn are holding hands leaving restaurants and so f-cking beautiful, SO F-CKING BEAUTIFUL together I can’t stop creeping them.

On strategy? It’s an astute move. Does that mean they’re not legit? No. I totally buy that they’re attracted to each other, that I can picture them in every upcoming new adult dirty book. But I’m also saying that it doesn’t hurt his profile either.

You know what else I’m into? I’m into their last names. I’m into the fact that we’re shipping a couple with the last names Hadid and Malik. And I want to believe that this can mean something. I might be too tired and wired today to elegantly articulate how this particular pop culture pairing is a sign of hopeful change and acceptance and diversity, but as a crusader for gossip, can we say here that this is an example that gossip can be good? Or should f-ck off and go to sleep?

Attached – Gigi arriving at Heathrow today.