Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik were out last night in LA, photographed leaving The Nice Guy. Are you perving on that shot of them in the back of the car as he’s kissing her head? I am. Are you obsessed with Pillowtalk? Have you been listening to it over and over again? I am. I have. And I’m pretty sure it’s not just me because the single went to #1 in 60 countries and that can’t be just all One Direction fans. What Zayn did with Pillowtalk was to take his sound beyond that band and its following. We played it in studio before the show last Friday at The Social. Even our crew is into it. And I promise you our crew is not for 1D.

So it was a strong, strong start for Zayn. Which means he needs a follow-up. If his Twitter is any indication, the follow-up could be a song called Late Nights. He posted a preview:

Sounds like another sex jam, non?

Zayn’s targeting the Music To F-ck To market. I like it.