Zayn Malik has ended his engagement. You’ll recall, the mess first started when Zayn was still with One Direction, on tour in Asia, accused of cheating on Perrie Edwards. That resulted in him tapping out of the tour, rushing back to England to be with Perrie, and then subsequently breaking up with the band. He and Perrie spent the next couple months together, determined to ride out the rumours. Last week, Zayn signed his solo record deal with RCA.

Now PEOPLE reports that Zayn told Perrie two weeks ago that it was over. She’s no longer wearing her engagement ring. Apparently she’s “in pieces” about it.

Because this is One Direction, this is a big deal on social media. But, really, I mean they’re 22 years old. What are the chances? The chances are that if they did go ahead with it, they wouldn’t have made it. Given how it all unfolded though…well… it doesn’t make Zayn look great. It makes him look… calculating? She stood by him while he was on blast. And now that it’s kinda chilled out, and his career is moving forward, she’s no longer part of that. Feels cold, doesn’t it? Just me?

In other 1D news, as you know, there’s a baby on the way. The band was on Good Morning America today and Louis was asked about the pregnancy news for the first time by Michael Strahan. Here’s how he responded. Skip to the 2:45 mark:

I guess that was for the truthers who didn’t want to believe that Louis made a baby? (And goes casually bareback.) He made a baby. He’s going to be a boy band dad.