This post is your excuse to stop doing whatever it is you were doing and stare at Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik. Take a moment to revel in young love. You deserve this.

Gigi turned 22 on Sunday so naturally, she took to social media to celebrate the occasion. In her birthday post, she’s holding a Pinterest-worthy cake because obviously while Zayn kisses her on the cheek. It’s all very squeal-inducing and adorable. Take it all in.



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A couple hours later, Zayn posted a similar photo. Same smooch on the cheek and comparable “I’m content because I’m a super model and my boyfriend is hot AF” expression from Gigi but it’s the caption that makes this one interesting.


happy birthday to my everything ❤️

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“Happy birthday to my everything.” Once more for the cheap seats: Gigi Hadid is Zayn Malik’s EVERYTHING. Zayn is 24. He’s too young to have an “everything” but this is the guy who allegedly proposed to Gigi last year. That would have been his second engagement. Something tells me that these passionate declarations of devotion are an everyday thing for Zayn. This is how I imagine their text conversations go: Gigi sends Zayn a single heart emoji. Zayn responds with, “I can’t live without you baby. NEVER LEAVE ME.” Throw in some Pillowtalk lyrics and I’m pretty sure I’m spot on.

I get it. These two crazy kids are in love. At that age, it does feel like it’s everything. Granted, the love I felt at 22 was unrequited but I still remember it taking up a lot of space in my brain. This kind of love fizzles as fast as it burns so I have a prediction for Gigi’s upcoming year: she’ll either be single by 23 or she’ll have a ring on it. It really could go either way.

Gigi spent the rest of her birthday Snapchatting her expensive presents, taking casual helicopter rides and partying in a pink wig, as you do.

And since it wouldn’t be a 22-year-old’s birthday without some gossip, Gigi apparently thanked “Abel” in an Instagram Story of one of the aforementioned gifts. The assumption, of course, is that the Abel she was referring to is The Weeknd, her sister’s ex-boyfriend and the dude whose “everything” is now Selena Gomez. It’s a little odd for your sister’s ex to be sending you birthday flowers, no? Gigi tags a few other people including Abel in the post so maybe The Weeknd just pitched in on a group gift with mutual friends? I don’t care enough to come up with another explanation.

Can we go back to staring at Zayn and Gigi now?


everyday 💘

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