Did you ever see Ruby Sparks? Paul Dano writes Zoe Kazan to life. Sort of. And I’m in love with them in real life. Zoe was here in Toronto a couple of weeks ago with Daniel Radcliffe to promote The F Word (What If outside of Canada). I interviewed her on the red carpet, but not before I saw Paul rush by the press line. They’d arrived together as he’d come to town to support her so he went in the theatre first, but not before taking a few photos with fans.

Since these two are not super tabloid headliney, it was a tremendous relief to know that they’re still a thing. Zoe told Danielle McGimsie during her etalk sit-down that she and her “boyfriend” have actually been together 7 years. They’re adorable together. And she’s adorable on her own, period. So nice, so unaffected, and super stylish without tryyyyyyyying too hard.

Check her out here at the NY premiere of What If last night. The dress is SO good. The shoes are even better. Slip-on kicks that are suitable for the red carpet? I’m IN.