Here’s where you jump on me and start punching, like straight up wailing the way they do in Martin Scorsese movies, before throwing me in a shallow ditch and burying me alive. I just watched Goodfellas and Casino back to back again this weekend, can you tell?


She’s wearing a beater tank!

Yes, yes, she is. And I LOVE IT.

I love that I don’t have to look at her chest. I love that the collar’s way up to her chin. I love that it’s all tricked out along the edges, and upon closer inspection, they’re like diamond spikes, protecting her throat and her waist. I love that it flatters her, despite not hugging her. I love that it’s something new, something fresh, not a retread of a shape and a cut that we’ve seen already, 5 or 6 times this season and another 3 times more before the end of it. If only Zoe and Berenice could have switched. This is how you do a nominee.

And this concludes our SAG coverage. BAFTAs and Grammys are coming in two weeks. And then two weeks after that, it’s the big show!

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