Is it because they’ve done a good job keeping it undercover, or is it because I, you, we don’t give a sh-t? Still, I appreciate that they’re not looking for a dumpster to jump into here. Or running in opposite directions. Or throwing up middle fingers. Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper went to the movies. The paps were there on their way out. He had his arm protectively around her and did not remove it, even though it was a money shot.


Selling it?

I ... haven’t decided. There’s certainly a target as The Silver Linings Playbook is generating solid momentum out of TIFF, but after a year of this are they/aren’t they and no one really caring, if it is a calculated move, their people are dumb to think it might work when it hasn’t worked before. It’s my birthday week so let’s for once then be generous and call them a legit couple just trying to navigate the fame thing without being assholes.