When it’s done well, acting I mean, it’s so believable. I mean, for those of you who don’t think Leo’s into Blake and that they’re just playing, well, look how convincing he seems to be when he’s flirting with her in that church. (see next article)

Here are Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper in Montreal yesterday, after blocking scenes for The Words in casual clothes, and then going into hair and makeup and wardrobe, it was time to shoot for real. And it’s almost as though it’s for real, non? They play a couple, obviously in love, on a corny looking date, with a mime and a flower on a stroll through the park. Maybe the mime is really the scorned writer in disguise, and the flower poisons the girlfriend...?

After all, the film is supposed to be a psychological thriller. The conceit is in there somewhere. It has to be.

How much do you love Zoe’s outfit?

Photos from Photos from PUNKD Images