It was reported a couple of weeks ago that Zoe Saldana is dating an artist called Marco Perego. These photos certainly confirm it. They spent the weekend in Capri, very romantically. Check them out dancing and kissing and nipping on the street. I like a man who doesn’t mind carrying a woman’s purse for her. Sometimes that sh-t is a pain in the ass. He looks good with it too. Better than he does with that wallet chain. Can we PLEASE declare the wallet chain the same as a trucker hat?

As you know, Zoe’s last relationship was with Bradley Cooper. He has since moved on to model Suki Waterhouse. Everyone’s happy then.

Re: Capri...

Have always wanted to go to Capri. Because it’s beautiful and etc, but also because for years I associated it with a song I listened to over and over again in the 80s by Charlene, I’ve Never Been To Me. Do you know it? I thought FOR SURE Capri was in the lyrics. But I just sang it back to myself and... it’s not! Nice, Georgia, Greece, Monte Carlo, California... NO Capri.

Anyway, I still love it. Even when I didn’t totally understand it, why it made me so sad, I still loved it. It’s SUPER cheesy, of the era, especially the talky talky part, and I don’t care I love it. Why hasn’t anyone covered it? If Ke$ha covers it I will be really sad.