I have a thing for teen dance movies.


I know I’m not alone.

Have you seen Centre Stage?

SO. Bad.

SO. Good!

I wondered about Zoe Saldana back then. Have been wondering what’s taken her so long to make it. She’s obviously amazing to look at, diversity is good, the acting isn’t bad either. Even enjoyed her in Drumline. Remember how cute Nick Cannon was in Drumline?

Zoe’s big push now is with Star Trek as Uhura to Chris Pine’s Kirk. Here she is at the Hollywood premiere last night. Zoe has 2 projects lined up next with Idris Elba (lucky bitch!), has a part in James Cameron’s mega anticipated long awaited Avatar, and her schedule seems to be jammed through next year.

She turns 30 in June. It’s taken almost 10 years.

Center Stage trailer below. If you haven’t… you must!

Photos from Wenn.com
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TAG: Zoe Saldana