The first thing I thought when I saw Zoe Saldana’s dress was that it was lilac – like the one she wore in 2010. I was ready to get all skeptical like “what was she thinking?”, but here’s the genius of it. It’s like the same dress – but totally not. The pearl that opened out into greys was so spectacularly beautiful that I can forgive it for having a belt. It’s one of those things -  I would tell you that I hated appliquéd flowers, that I resent anything that has a belt, that a woman this beautiful shouldn’t  foul up all her gorgeousness with extra frouf.

But on Zoe Saldana, a woman who never seems to put a foot wrong (I’d have to go back to our coverage from three years ago, but I’m pretty sure I critiqued the purple balls dress, and now I love it), can actually make something gorgeous, even when the descriptor of it includes the words “oyster-coloured belt”.

I would also point out how she was an excellent presenter, but apparently women are not actually useful for anything besides boobs during these Oscars, so I feel like I’m not supposed to. I’m limited to telling you that I was less entranced with her choice for Vanity Fair, but so powerful are the powers of the Saldana that I’m starting to come around on it and think I might actually like a leather-prairie look.