The dress. Both.

Zoe Saldana arrived in a white gown with candy cane stripes last night at the Tree of Life gala. She was disappointing in yellow, if you recall (click here for a refresher), at the Met Gala and it looks like she was just saving the goods for the Croisette.

Not everyone could have made this work. On Rachel McAdams - who I love - it would have been kind of a bust. Zoe has the right colouring, the right, like, za za, to make it happen.

Later on though is when I really fell in love. I saw her at the afterparty at Terrazza Martini. She had changed. It was exquisite up close, amazing detail, with shape, and yet it flowed, and she wore it so elegantly, and she swept in, sexy and demure at the same time, all eyes on her, and she knew it, but wasn't smug about it, but totally played it too. Lovely.

Up to this point, it had been SJP's Elie Saab from Friday night - click here to see. But now, after Zoe, I think it may be this one. And I'm sorry if the photos aren't what it was in person. In person it was 100% the best so far.

Here's my new wish for Becoming Couple - matching Hollywood styles. Zoe and Jude Law. ALL over it.

Photos from and Francois Durand/Pascal Le Segretain/Andreas Rentz/FRED DUFOUR/