Does it seem like Zoe Saldana had the shortest pregnancy? Sometimes the celeb pregnancies go on for years, it feels like. I know there are ways in which it’s not their fault – if it’s about to leak you kind of have to announce early or else pull a Mendes and deny altogether. 

So. The babies are here and are named Cy Aridio and Bowie Ezio. I have to say, those middle names are the kind that will be repeated with the names, I think, for some time. Kind of like how SJP’s son is still called “James Wilkie”. Or at least that would be the case if their last names weren’t Perego-Saldana. It’s a lot of syllables.

Maybe that’s why the babies’ names are short and sweet. I have to admit to really liking Cy in particular, where Bowie sounds more like a ‘typical’ celebrity name, although actual research doesn’t bear that out, there aren’t that many. She talked in the press about how their families were leaning on them for traditional Latin names, and so this seems like kind of taking a pass on that, at least for their first names – maybe to avoid the pressure (though the middle names do honour their respective parents).

See, this is the kind of celebrity ‘they’re just like us!’ I need to hear more of. “Star’s parents sniff dismissively at next career move!” “Jealous cousin writes something on facebook that quickly has to be taken down!” This, I could get into.