Zoe Saldana was on Craig Ferguson last night and, because she’s pregnant and when you’re pregnant apparently you just talk about being pregnant, she talked about being pregnant. Click here for all the details on her pregnancy eating habits and when she’s due.

It wasn’t so long ago that Zoe bared her teeth at the media about privacy and how she wants her personal life to be left alone. 

"I'm an American, I'm a citizen, I vote, I pay taxes, therefore I have right to my own privacy as much as anybody. What I do as an artist and as a professional has nothing to do with who I am personally and I will never get any of that blended." (Source)

Here she is the other night at the premiere The Book Of Life with her husband Marco Perego. So… a red carpet appearance…that’s work, right? That’s part of the job, right? I just want to check in case I’m getting any of the personal and professional all “blended”. Another benefit of being a celebrity though. When you’re pregnant and you want to spend all the time you can with your partner, you can take them to the office with you.