Of course it’s tulle. I’m surprised it’s not taffeta and tulle. But let’s not complain. It’s the least annoyed I’ve been with a Zooey Deschanel award show red carpet appearance in a long time (until I looked at the shoes) and I wonder if that has less to do with the actual dress than with the fact that, well, she’s lost some buzz, right?

Two years ago, Zooey Deschanel was a “one to watch”. And now, now I’d put her on the same level as, say, Julie Bowen. Which is not a knock on Julie Bowen, but more of an observation about what happens when you become so…familiar…on television. I wonder then if that’s part of it. Part of why the actor’s ambition is always Movie Star and why they rank Movie Star over TV Star. Like, Mrs Timberlake is hardly a Movie Star. But because she makes the occasional movie here and there, were she to show up at an event like this, it would certainly generate more overall excitement. Because she’s not reliably hanging out with you in your living room once a week for 22 – 24 weeks out of the year.