Okay.  So I’m Zooey D.  My show’s off the ground, I’m starting to get some blowback about how over the top the cute-geek thing is, and maybe, truth be told, I’m starting to get a little exhausted of it myself.   

So good.  The Globes is a relatively low-pressure time to transition into something else.  And I think Deschanel had most things pretty right, in theory.  Choose something unusual that is also not going to be the look that launched a thousand prom dresses (unlike her Emmy 2011 look) but that still lets her be her.

To me, as I said on the liveblog, it was a 9-over-3.   Someone who’s good with math can tell me what that means, but basically, I was a big fan of everything from head-to-waist.  Even the alleged wig.  If you can’t bust out extra super volume on GG night, when can you?

But that skirt isn’t just boring, it seems last-minute.  Maybe something else was supposed to happen and didn’t?  I don’t know.  Not a fan.

Then again, it looks like a woman’s dress.  Not a girl’s.  Overall, this is what she should be doing.  Do a slow transition from wacky New Girl to a style that doesn’t automatically evoke every indie movie ever, especially now that she’s getting older.   

But as a caveat to this – she needs to stop posing with the head tilt.  She’s damn cute enough to pull off whatever she needs to staring straight on.  No more head tilt – and start planning earlier meetings with your seamstress.   Love, Duana .