Just a reminder about the Golden Globes on Sunday – Duana, Kathleen, and I will all be tweeting during the show (@duanaelise, @KathleenNB, @laineygossip) and we’re pulling an all-nighter for coverage starting at around 1am ET and posting through until morning. We would love for you to join us. Yell at us. Yell with us. It’s award season! It’s gossip high season! 

There’s been a lot of talk about Madonna’s ass this week. And I have a question and a thought: should we be talking about her ass? And… does Madonna maybe want us to be talking about her ass? It’s Madonna, the queen of provocation. She’s now addressing the talk about her ass by saying she can do whatever she wants with her body. Which is true. But does that mean she’s discouraging conversations about her ass? Tell me what the answer is, please. (Dlisted) 

HAHHAHAAHAHAHAH. No, seriously. HAHAHAHAHAH. That’s the point of this post. An evil laugh by a bird that may or may not be evil but it could play an evil character for sure. Speaking of… I’ve just realised, my ma’s laugh is SUPER evil. Why haven’t I ever marketed her out for voice work? She kind of sounds like this bird. (Pajiba) 

Beyoncé’s vow renewal dress – it still isn’t a great shot of it and I wish we could get a better shot of it, especially from the front. As you can see from the catalogue photo on the model, there’s so much more drama in the sleeves. To me, I’d do away with the sheer panels along the inner thighs. You? (TMZ) 

Oh this is a great little black dress on Jennifer Hudson. The Fug Girls don’t like the “hoo ha” all over it but I do, it’s what makes it special, along with the velvet and the dots. What I don’t like is the shoes. In particular, the “hoo ha” on the shoes. Totally unnecessary. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Some people are expecting another Kardashian-Jenner baby boom in 2019. And pretty soon, the first generation of those babies will be old enough to move up to lead roles instead of occupying their current supporting categories. It really is a legacy, isn’t it? (Celebitchy) 

Thanks to all of you who forwarded this article about the women in US Congress yesterday and their fashion statements – and, most importantly, WHY their fashion was part of their message. Ahem. (The Wahsington Post)