This story is so random and so hilarious and so…sly and cunning? I have a thing for foxes right now because there was a litter of foxes making headlines in our neighbourhood this summer as the mother fox decided that the rocks at the beach were a good place to keep her babies for a few weeks. Every few days, Jacek and I would see the mother running around the parks and the ravine and one day we saw her busting it down the bike path with a squirrel in her mouth taking it back to feed her kids. Meanwhile, over in Berlin, another fox has been doing a different community service. Only Michael K could have come up with that Imelda Marcos line. (Dlisted)


The Beckhams are making upgrades to their English country estate and apparently their neighbours are complaining. Or the town is complaining. Someone is complaining. Which is similar to what happened, I think, to the Clooneys when they upgraded their English property. Speaking of… the Clooneys have been SO QUIET. Anyway, renovation drama can turn nasty real fast, even among civilians. And rich people take that sh-t to a whole new level. (Cele|bitchy)

This is GOOD nostalgia! Pump Up The Volume! I need to put that on my watch list when I’m in withdrawal over It’s Okay To Not Be Okay next week. God that movie made me horny. Because back then Christian Slater made me horny. Is it not really as horny as I remember though? (Go Fug Yourself)

I just wrote today about Ryan Reynolds and his marketing and social media skills and, oh look, he’s at it again. (Pajiba)

Coyote Ugly is 20 years old! Honestly? I don’t think I’ve ever seen the entire movie? Or maybe I have and I didn’t retain anything? I do love a good oral history though. (The Ringer)