Prince Andrew’s definition of a “PR game”

May 5, 2020 18:46:39 by Lainey

Well this is rich. Or, maybe, this is royal.

Prince Andrew, who was friends with the dead rapist pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, has refused to cooperate with authorities investigating the Epstein case and with the lawyers representing Epstein’s victims. One of those lawyers, David Boies, gave an interview a few days ago repeating that Andrew and his legal team will not respond to their requests. Per Vanity Fair:

“In an interview with the Mail on Sunday, Boies said that Andrew has ignored multiple requests for cooperation. “We’ve made at least three formal written attempts sent to his address in London and also to his lawyers in the past few months,” he told the newspaper. In January, another lawyer representing some of Epstein’s victims, Gloria Allred, said she had followed similar tactics to get in touch with Andrew to no avail.

Boies suggested to the Mail on Sunday that he thought Andrew was receiving bad legal advice. “Often people in his position are surrounded by advisers who sometimes think that they will be more valued if they come across as very aggressive on their principal’s behalf and that can lead to somebody not getting very good advice,” he said, adding that the prosecutors will probably not let the issue drop. He also said that he is still trying to find surveillance footage of Andrew at Epstein’s home.”

In response to Boies’s comments, a “friend” of Prince Andrew went to The Telegraph to explain Andrew’s position – again per Vanity Fair:

“A friend of Andrew’s has told the Telegraph that his lack of cooperation is simply a matter of common sense. “A request from a commercial law firm is not and never will be the same as an official judicial process,” the friend said. “No decent legal team would ever recommend cooperating with for-profit civil lawyers. These very same law firms would do well to focus on the DOJ investigation and work harder to secure justice for the survivors of Epstein. Instead, they’re playing a P.R. game at the expense of the Duke, which gives their clients the impression of progress but brings them no closer to justice. The U.S. law firms have been getting away with this tactic for a decade. So it’s high time to call them out.”

That “friend” sounds pretty well-versed in legal maneuverings, non? I wonder if that “friend” might actually be a member of Andrew’s legal team but, you know, for some reason they think it’s a better look for this to seem like it’s coming from a “friend” instead of his attorney(s) because then the reader will be reminded that he has need for attorneys.

And the excuse that’s being offered here is that Andrew won’t cooperate with for-profit lawyers who are representing clients seeking damages – ie his friend, the dead rapist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s VICTIMS who have not been heard and/or taken seriously for years and years and whose only recourse is to demand compensation for the fact that they were sexually trafficked. Money is the f-cking least that is owed to them. Instead, Andrew’s people are all like, it’s not that he won’t cooperate, it’s that he’ll only cooperate with the DOJ, like proper investigators. 

Well then what do you call the FBI?! What do you call Geoffrey S Berman, United States attorney in Manhattan, who said in January that Prince Andrew “has provided zero cooperation”? 

You call it bullsh-t. Prince Andrew is full of sh-t with this response, cherry-picking who he will and won’t talk to regarding his friendship with the dead rapist pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein. And he’s a hypocrite with this “friend” accusing the lawyers representing the victims of playing “PR games” because you want to see a PR game?!

How about a couple of weeks ago when Andrew and Sarah Ferguson were photographed putting together COVID-19 relief effort care packages and those pictures were posted by Fergie’s assistant?

Who’s the PR stunt queen now? 



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