Dear Gossips,

Last September, I posted in this space about A Tribe Called Red and their album We Are The Halluci Nation. They were on The Social and, in my opinion, that interview remains one of the best, if not the best, interview segment we’ve ever done on our show. Not because of anything we did but because of what Ian Campeau, Bear Witness, and Tim Hill brought to us and to our audience.

A Tribe Called Red won Video Of The Year at the IHeartRadio Canada MuchMusic Video Awards last night. Kevan Funk won Best Director. It means that here in Canada, at one our country’s most high profile events, the event with probably the biggest international profile (the MMVAs were trending at #4 worldwide on Twitter at one point on Sunday), indigenous artists were honoured with the biggest award of the night. Not that that fixes anything. And not that that means we’re there. But it certainly opens up more opportunity for conversation, especially when you consider who was there – thousands of youth, in person and watching throughout Canada and around the world – and what they took away from this event.

Yours in gossip,