In Touch Weekly broke the news in mid-February that Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley had ended their engagement. This is not always a reliable source but PEOPLE actually followed up with more confirmation, citing a source who said that the split was amicable and that it “just wasn’t working” because they’re “different people with busy careers and there were obstacles that they couldn’t surmount”. 


But then a week later he posted this on Instagram:

As Maria noted at the time, it seemed like a “move to rekindle” and she was right. Aaron and Shailene have been inseparable ever since, seen together on several occasions, including on Monday, arriving by private jet in Palm Beach where they stayed for a few hours before leaving. TMZ has the photos.


No one knows exactly why they were there but there was some speculation that he could have been taking a meeting with the Miami Dolphins. That ended yesterday, around-ish the same time that those shots of him and Shailene were released, when he made the announcement on Twitter that he would be staying with the Green Bay Packers: 

It was initially reported that Aaron signed a four-year deal worth as much as $200 million. That’s what Aaron’s referring to in his tweet. So the contract isn’t done yet…but if he’s already telling everyone that he’s back, it means he’s pretty much going to get what he wants. As Sports Illustrated said yesterday, he won the power struggle. And his relationship is intact. When, then, was Aaron Rodgers ever cancelled?!