A quick scheduling note before we begin here:

We are coming up on Labour Day weekend in North America. Monday is a holiday. So we’ll be dark on Monday but also tomorrow, Friday September 1st, so that we can recharge and go hard next week as we get deeper into festival season and as we approach the Emmys. We are back on full power on Tuesday. Have a great long weekend!

Olivia Munn was blamed for the rift between Aaron Rodgers and his family. Now that it’s over between Olivia and Aaron, he’s still not made up with his family. Because… Olivia had nothing to do with it. Family Sh-t is Family Sh-t. Aaron, however, is talking about the downside of dating a celebrity. And it sounds like a complaint. Really? He didn’t look like there was too much to complain about when he got to the the Oscars as Olivia’s plus-one. (Dlisted) 

Reese Withersoon: Ambassador of the South. Is Reese Witherspoon’s version of the south a “monolith”? The way she describes her mother and how her mother lies and that that’s so Southern is actually my mother who’s never been afraid of an exaggeration. My mother is from the South too. The South of China. (Cele|bitchy) 

Jared Leto in another very loud jacket. Which I definitely don’t hate as much as the wizarding cape he wore at the VMAs. But still. As I said last week, the way he wears his clothes, it’s like he’s constantly reminding you that he’s a rock star and a method actor, don’t forget. WHO COULD FORGET!? Interesting the lining of this coat though. It’s a lumber jacket underneath. Ryan Gosling on the inside, Liberace on the outside. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Dior’s Love Chain video: celebrities and artists get together to talk about what they’d do for love. Johnny Depp doesn’t offer an answer. He doesn’t even offer his voice. Like it’s more “sauvage” that nothing comes out of his mouth. OK. How much do you love that while everyone else is shot in studio, meaning they had to make time for it, Rihanna’s contribution, that f-cking badass, was a throwaway, basically what she’d say to a pap on a TMZ video. Also? So much Chinese representation – because Dior banks that Chinese money. I was so excited to see Carina Lau. And to hear one of the most famous Chinese songs of all time, The Moon Represents My Heart. (Just Jared) 

I mean I get it. That none of this is convincing. And that there’s a lot of fakeness happening here. But what I don’t understand is what they’re faking. Like what’s the thing that is true that they’re faking to not seem true but not doing a good job because it’s so fake? Isn’t it all fake? And don’t tell me I would have to watch the show to understand because I refuse to believe, as stupid as I might be, that I wouldn’t be able to pick it up without actually seeing these people getting horny on an island. (TMZ) 

HAHAHAHAHAHA the famewhore Kardashian of droids, BB-8, just got a nemesis! Which means that annoying little ball has to share air time with someone else…already! He doesn’t even get his own photoshoot anymore! Watch. BB-8’s about to have a suck attack. I can feel it, spoiled little asshole. (Variety)

And finally…just in case you haven’t seen this, I’ll leave you with it as an early mood lifter before the weekend. Hon-Ye!