Before we get started, we need to point out the absolute absurdity of this “award show” because in what world is Ruth Langmore in the same category as Ms. Howard from Abbott Elementary?! How are actresses from Ozark and Abbott Elementary in the same category? This is not a new thing for the Golden Globes; in fact, the ridiculous way the categories are set out is a cornerstone of the Golden Globes.


Despite Sheryl Lee Ralph and Janelle James’s losses, Abbott Elementary is the big winner. They could have come away with zero awards and they are still winners because this show has so much going for it.

The cast also has the two C’s: charisma and chemistry. Loads of both. Individually, they are all firecrackers and together they push and pull and gel in a way that money can’t buy. You can fill a movie with A-list movie stars and come away with Amsterdam or Babylon, which aren’t exactly spilling over with verve. There is something magical about how this cast makes audiences feel every week, trading barbs and one-liners and infusing real empathy and warmth into it all. It’s also a great sitcom in a classic half-hour format on network TV that feels like it could go forever like Modern Family or Cheers


Part of that is the school set-up, which makes for fresh storylines in a familiar world. And while the children are integral to the motivation, the child actors are not given huge roles. They aren’t creating catchphrases or making child stars out of them and that completely suits the purpose of the show: the teachers are there year after year while the students move on.

And the winners: tell me who didn’t squeal when Tyler James Williams gave a shout-out to Quinta? Quinta Brunson is only 33 and such a massive, culture-changing talent. As she accepted her award, she pulled out her smart phone to read straight out of her Notes (a power Millennial!) for a breathy speech and while nothing is guaranteed, this is hopefully just the start of her getting her flowers. (She was also nominated for an acting Emmy and won for writing.)


The big moment is when they won Best Television Series Comedy/Musical –beating out The Bear, Hacks, Only Murders in the Building and Wednesday, a really solid lineup. Thanking Henry Winkler, Bob Odenkirk, and Seth Rogen was adorable. Quinta’s speech was personal and professional but also had a broader message about how funny is funny. Even as things feel like they are falling apart in society, that remains true. And Janelle James grabbing the mic from Sheryl Lee Ralph to thank her mom? That’s character work. 

This cast just glowed all over: they looked fantastic and genuinely seemed to be cheering each other on and having fun! Real fun! It started even before the show, when Sheryl Lee Ralph dropped some truth on the red carpet. Like the show, her declaration was heartfelt, passionate and really, really funny.