Supposedly, according to sources, Matt Damon is happy for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. I mean…obviously. I’m just not sure this quote is really coming from him. Weird that he would describe Bennifer 2021 as “more mature”. Whoever this is needs to find someone to work on their source quotes. I volunteer as tribute. (Cele|bitchy) 


How’s your Olympic withdrawal? What do you miss most? Is Johnny Weir on the list? His closing ceremony look was perfect. It was GREAT TV. So I’m not sure who the fool is who wasn’t into it but this is someone who clearly doesn’t appreciate joy. (Dlisted) 

Staying with people who don’t know joy… I mean… this Tigger flag was a trigger for a white lady who thought it was tacky. Interesting what some people find tacky. Look, it’s not like I’m above neighbour pettiness. Once a week I consider getting into it with whatever neighbour selfishly straddles two parking spots on the street but as petty as I am, I’m also lazy! I don’t want to drag my ass outside to get into a shouting match. It’s too much energy! (Pajiba) 

Jodie Comer stepped out last night for the premiere of Free Guy (which I’m hearing great things about ) in a jumpsuit but the real style star here is her hair. That is the perfect texture. And it’s hard to achieve. Nowhere near a curl but not quite a wave, more like a bend. With my hair I can only make this happen when I start with wave and sleep on it, sweat a little, and keep touching it. So like 24 hours all told. And then it’s greasy. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Margot Robbie is joining the Wes Anderson company of actors. Pretty sure we won’t be getting beauty shots of her feet. (Vulture)